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Category: News

19 September

Hillary Van Dyke and Joshua Bean created a website of Black-owned businesses from realtors to restaurants to museums. It has thousands of followers and is 500 listings strong. Two good friends who worked at Azalea Middle School had an idea. Hillary Van Dyke, then a teacher, and Joshua Bean, a school social worker, shared a […]

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16 September

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A local directory service is making the search for Black-owned businesses in Tampa Bay a little bit easier. Hillary VanDyke and her colleague Joshua Bean are school teachers in Pinellas County. The two wanted to get more involved in the community and wanted a way to help increase the black dollar. […]

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27 July

The founders of Green Book of Tampa Bay, an online guide to Black-owned businesses, continue to see more businesses join their digital directory. They’ve received a small business grant from the Pinellas County Foundation to help them build websites for Green Book businesses that don’t have them. They’re partnering with The Deuces Live. And they’re […]

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22 July

There is a local nonprofit organization that’s spotlighting African-American owned businesses. It’s called Green Book of Tampa Bay and they say they are helping consumers put their green into black. Lorielle Hollaway is the owner of Cultured Books in St. Pete. Almost every book on her shelf is written by minorities for minorities. Read more…

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21 July

In May, the death of George Floyd sparked protests across the country as racial disparity in America came into a renewed focus. Along with the Black Lives Matter movement, a greater emphasis on supporting Black communities has taken hold throughout the nation. But one nonprofit was already working to promote Black-owned business in Tampa Bay. […]

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20 July

In the Jim Crow era, when an emerging middle class of Black Americans became more mobile, they often found themselves unwelcome and banned at restaurants and motels when they took trips, especially in the South. That prompted Victor Hugo Green to create the “Negro Motorists Green Book,” offering listings of where African-Americans could find services […]

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02 July

With no larger spotlight on issues important to the black community in history, Joshua Bean and Hillary Van Dyke have seen unprecedented growth and attention for their social preneurial venture, Green Book Tampa Bay. As a resource of African-American cultural sites… read more.

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29 June

TAMPA, Fla. — Two Bay area educators are putting a spin on a directory for Black-owned businesses that was once the only tool to help Black people travel during segregation… read morr and watch the video.

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24 June

ST. PETERSBURG Fla. – Wanting to help shoppers connect with Black-owned businesses in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, Hillary Van Dyke and Joshua Bean launched the Green Book of Tampa Bay last February. This comprehensive directory “makes it super easy for people to support Black-owned businesses,” Bean said… read more.

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